Benefits of running the body

Running is a simple but fun, but useful sport that can be done anywhere without joining a gym, buying a gym to practice it, and being able to do it individually, or collectively with friends and relatives, aiming to increase fitness. The body’s efficiency, health, and disease protection, where people’s millions run daily running, in different ways, whether by sports clubs, outdoor exercise, and the speed of their choice of running varies depending on their body’s ability and age.


The benefits of running:

  • It helps reduce weight as your run decreases value; it burns calories, disinfected body fat, and makes your body always need water that helps reduce weight, starts slowly, and starts gradually to avoid injury.
  • The immune system is strengthening as regular running exercises prevent many health problems, such as Allergy, cough, cold spinning, flu, and more.
  • It improves digestion as the run helps to open appetite. It feels hungry because many calories burn it, and a healthy meal recommended after doing this.
  • Improves heart health as the heart is a muscle, and regular running affects heart health positively by activating blood circulation, and reducing blood cholesterol, whose high can lead to cardiac arrest, and a tyrant.
  • The brain is strengthened as running back into the mind with positive effects; it enhances blood circulation throughout the body, resulting in more oxygen and nutrients that improve memory and protect the brain from Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • It helps to sleep deeply as regular running helps to sleep well; after you do this, the body is exhausted, tired, and in desperate need of sleep.

The goods of running to ease stress and anxiety:

Running helps improve mood and relaxation, reducing stress and stress from work or life in general, running in the morning gives a person a sense of being close to his or her goals, and helps them stay in a festive mood for the rest of the day.


The profits of running are half an hour a day:

The benefit of sport comes not from the number of hours we spend exercising, but from the way we practice those exercises. For example, running for half an hour daily can eliminate excessive obesity and overweight quickly, activate circulation and enhance the heart’s health. Otherwise, they help to get rid of boredom, tension, and anxiety as well.

Running and sex:

Sports is one of how humans can get a slim body and high physical fitness. Sports is not only important at this point, but also promotes physical and mental health, as is sexual health by running, which enhances men’s sexual ability and helps heal many sex-related diseases, and running sports are also useful for the release of male hormones.

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Other advantages of running:

  • Diabetes reduced as regular running minimizes the likelihood of type 2 diabetes; it helps the body stay active and monitor blood sugar.
  • It treats depression where the run is antidepressant; it helps release endorphins and reduces the immune system’s emitters that cause a bad mood.
  • Delays the emergence of aging signs as the run increases skin freshness and helps reduce the risk of developing and aging-related health problems.
  • Bones and joints where running increase the density of minerals in the bones of the thighs, legs, ligaments, and strings, as well as the prevention of osteoporosis and arthritis.
  • It increases endurance as your run increases muscle strength and endurance.

Common errors when running:

Do not warm up the muscles:

Before you start running, it recommended to do some simple exercise, from the door to the door to the door, such as jumping in place, running in a vicious circle, or even making toned movements, to avoid inflammation and sclerosing, or severe injury, and to soothe muscles and relax, after the run is finally over.

Choose shoes:

Running is not a fashion show but a sport that must do chosen for its comfort and performance.

Run hard and fast:

Some people may be wrong to push themselves to run fast, in a short time, especially those who do it for the first time, thinking of achieving the goal, which causes them many injuries, and reduces the incentive they have to practice.

ignore the pain:

If you experience severe muscle pain when running, you should listen to the body, stop when necessary, not compress the problem, continue to persevere, and be irresponsible.

Provide nourishment for the body before running:

Runners, or people who run the run, need to eat a different diet than the rest of the people, so that fat, diet meals, and fat-free proteins, such as eggs, salmons, whole grains, lots of fruit, and vegetables, should be removed.

Do not humidify:

Some people are wrong not to supply the water they need after running because they think it is harmful to health, and not helpful, but it recommended that you re-humidify the thirst while running.

Stop running:

Stopping the run is one of the most severe mistakes people, especially those accustomed to doing it, so that the body is in a coma and feels unable to practice it again, so you should look for the motivation to move the body to practice it also.


What is the place to run?

Many ask where they should run, whether they should practice the electric stroller, or practice it outside in the open air, and the answer to this question is that you can enjoy the benefits of running in both ways. Both help strengthens the heart and helps both achieve many benefits. Exercising on an electric walk will not leave you away from home, as it would be the right choice if you are recovering from injury or cannot exercise abroad. Indeed, there will be no chance of exposure to different weather fluctuations. Outdoor sports help breathe fresh air, running in the sun helps absorb vitamin D, helps the mother discover new parts of the city, and is fun to practice with friends and family.

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