Errors to avoid within the gym

Errors to avoid within the gym

Errors to avoid within the gym

Many people who make mistakes inside the gym are suffering from inexperience and do not have an expert person to advise them, leading to several problems, the most prominent of which are injuries, as well as the lack of results or the slow growth of muscle.

1. Neglect of back muscles and legs

Some players have an interest only in what they see from their bodies within the mirror or in what they see in their clothing so that they have an interest within the arm, especially the tea, and that they also are curious about the chest and shoulders, and that they neglect the rear and legs, this is often an enormous mistake because our sport is named bodybuilders, aside from the very fact that back and legs are considered the most important body muscles Interest in them increases the expansion hormone secretion that increases the expansion of the remainder of the body muscles and enhances it, adding that increasing the entire muscle carcinogen increases the speed of burning the body as an entire, which is beneficial and can make your overall appearance wonderful and delightful.

2. Neglect of the negative part of the push or pull

In the end of the year, the number of people in the country who have been killed in the war has increased to around 50 percent, and the number of people who have been killed in the war has increased to around 50 percent The Bra workout is called push-ups when you push, try what you can get back slowly, and the same is true for the back muscle but unlike the other, it’s called pull-ups when you pull out try to get back slowly and not accelerate.

3. Neglect of the exercises collected

Free, parallel, and mental bar workouts by neglecting these exercises will deprive you of the simplest of your muscle make-up so you would like to require care of them and mix them with the insulation exercises of free weights and devices so you should not just believe one among them. Integration, change, and diversification are the simplest for muscle.

4. One routine is stable and not renewed

Don’t get won’t to a unified coaching style or a gentle workout – this manner you get muscle standing at a particular limit of growth or growth and its progress are going to be too slow for the player to feel and not seen by others, therefore the muscles should surprise him whenever in new training ways, and therefore the element of weight surprise is additionally useful Also, change the training schedule every 8 weeks for instance and even change your entire sports program.

5. Gradually increase the weight and in the correct way

You should know that you simply are a bodybuilder, not a weight lift, which your workout is to create the muscles properly, so don’t rush up the weights. The larger the muscle gradually, the more powerful it’ll increase the load within the first place, please keep these seats (the way is more important than the weight).

6. Take a long break between exercise sets

This is what happens among many players as they’re busy with acquiring, Facebook messages, and phone calls all of which are wasted time and causes you to spend an extended time within the gym without benefiting because your comfort periods between groups increase and also between exercises, all of which makes the trained member unuseful as a result of not focusing Long periods of rest make it unhelpful to squeeze the muscles during exercise, and muscular bloody pumping isn’t as effective because it is normal and expected so it’s better to shut the phone completely and focus only on exercise, and you recognize that the natural resting place between groups of 30_45 seconds counting on its strength and weights also as between exercises of 60 _ 120 seconds to the present determines the strength and weight of the workout.

7. Warm up before you workout

Warm-up not only protects against direct muscle stiffness but also prepares muscles and supplies them with a bloody flow that increases energy and skill to receive workout weights, which motivates muscles to grow correctly.

8. Don’t compare yourself to other players

Don’t just care about yourself, and do not let the bodies that are strong with the gem cause you frustration and cause you to hasten things, turning to stimulants and hormones which will cause you a danger to your health you’re indispensable, this stuff will cause you to laugh a touch and cry tons remember this saying who comes quickly and goes quickly and remember These players were such as you once they started and over time they became as you see them. All you’ve got to try to do is train with commitment and patience and you’ll get results that you simply didn’t expect.

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