Magical ways to lose weight and keep your body fit


Many of us suffer from weight gain. Others are on the edge who fear this harm and are worried about the deterioration of their external appearance, as well as the increase in weight, which may increase the rate of suffering some chronic diseases such as blood pressure and others. R many, but losing weight does not necessarily mean that one should stay involved in a strict diet or self-fatigue by going to the gym daily—everything he needs to have her nutritional habits. So if you or your wish to lose weight, read this article because we will give you handy weight loss tips, weight loss programs, weight loss foods, and some other useful tips.



Keep your exercise going. It helps burn more calories in your body as the weight loss method occurs as the number of calories your body burns increases the number of calories entering your body, exercising while keeping low-calorie foods guaranteed a significant weight loss. You need to spend more than 2 hours a week doing moderate workouts (such as running and doing at home) or 75 minutes doing hard work (such as athletics) or combining them. But stay careful because some exercise in vain and why it is so light and unworn (like walking), so make sure you have enough training to burn body fat. For example, if you run, make sure that the workout makes you feel the heartbeat and causes sweat to rise.

More weight loss achieved if the person follows a plan to ensure that he or she is going to the gym three to four times a week; For weight-lifting exercises and weights that will help him burn more calories and prevent metabolism from decelerating if training is not an option, someone can do fun-filled physical activities while burning calories and activating muscles, such as Participate in beach cleaning, Cycling, skiing, Hiking, car washing, dog-hunting around the courtyard, and other body-moving activities.

The best weight-loss workouts:

Remember, the more difficult it is to exercise, the more calories the body burn, but the faster it will be, so you should balance your exercise, and you should know that the number of calories the body burn during exercise is affected by current weight, age, gender, and inheritance. The best weight loss exercise comes in the shortest time possible:


Running is a massive, weight-loss workout — core runs, burn the highest calories, increase speed, and run up hills.

Rope Jumps:

Jumping rope is one of the exercises that burn massive calories and move a wide range of muscles. Ten minutes of rope jumping burn calories equal to 20 minutes of jogging.

Interval Training High Intensity:

One strategy used to burn higher calories in a shorter time; By maintaining an increased heart rate, which means burning more fat in a shorter time. This training includes a wide range of high-intensity workouts, interspersed with short breaks. It’s worth noting that doing this type of training raises metabolic rate (English: Metabolism) in the body for up to 24 hours after sports, meaning that the body continues to burn more calories during rest and rest of the day, usually taking 30-45 minutes in the gym instead of a full hour.

Strength training compound exercises:

These workouts are usually made up of a range of exercises, help build strength, build muscle, raise metabolic rate, burn calories, and have a wide range of activities, such as Weight carrying, Squat, Push-up, twice a week to increase muscle mass.

Low-intensity aerobics:

Although high-intensity training burns high calories, low-intensity workouts are an effective way to help reduce weight too; they help to ease more challenging exercises, reduce injuries and fatigue, improve metabolism, and perform longer.


Swimming helps burn high-calorie burn and increase muscle strength, depending on your swimming speed and weight.


Regular Cycling or a bike backside done, and you can go up or up hills by bicycle, increase resistance, and burn more calories.


Some intense yoga workouts help burn high calories, increase focus, and deep breathing, which can improve sleep and reduce stress; these are essential for weight loss.


Combining different types of high and low-intensity workouts, yoga, and more will give the best results. It’s also essential to give your body a restful day to restore muscle health and strength.

Food and lose weight:

One of the most important reasons for controlling body weight is the quality of the foods we eat daily. The body needs approximately 1,500 calories per day from digestive food. The rest of the calories are either discarded or stored in the body as fat, which increases the weight. If you want to take a healthy diet as the first step in the way of weight loss, make sure that your food contains limited amounts of high-calorie foods such as cereals such as rice, wheat, and pasta, bread, and others, as well as sugar. In contrast, try to have your daily food contain a high percentage of proteins such as meat and fish, as well as vegetables and fruit, because they are essential ingredients in bodybuilding while also eating other foods in moderate quantities.

Make a diet:

Weight loss and loss can be achieved by diet as follows:

  • Reduce the amount of sugar and carbohydrates consumed, reduce the appetite for food, and reduce insulin levels so that the person loses weight without feeling hungry.
  • Each meal contains a source of protein, which includes: Meat, fish, seafood, and eggs.
  • Each meal consists of a head of low-carbohydrate vegetable sources, such as Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, and cucumber.
  • Each meal contains a source of fat, such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and butter.

Drink more water:

To lose weight and reduce weight, one should drink plenty of water so that water drinks everything it has had, not just when it feels thirsty; because water is essential to keep the body moisture from holding and storing water so that the liver and kidneys are healthy.

Insist and continue to follow the diet:

When you follow a diet and start to reduce your calorie intake, the body changes its activity to match the calorie intake, reducing metabolism (the process of burning the body for energy and using it to perform essential functions) to take the lowest calorie intake to perform different body functions. So if you don’t insist on keeping up and suddenly stop this diet, your body will treat the new calorie intake by storing it as fat and doubling your weight.

Eat slowly:

To lose weight and reduce weight, the person must slow down and taste eating well. He can do so by drinking water, coffee, or tea between each bite to eat and eat at least 20 minutes. It can be applied for lunch and dinner, allowing him time to do so.

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