The best exercises to lose belly fat and disposal

Many people suffer from the accumulation of fat or fat in the abdomen area in both men and women, leading to a significant mass of these fat mites mally worn as the abdomen fat shown due to the accumulation of fat, mostly belly fat, which can release fatty deposits into the bloodstream.

The accumulation of fat in the blood is responsible for most health problems associated with obesity, such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and other health problems.

According to standards, central obesity or abdominal fat define as an increase in the waist circumference of 94 centimeters for men, 80 centimeters for women, or an increase in the waist-hip ratio of 0.90 for men 0.85 for women. Obesity may also affect people with a natural body mass index.

The most important workouts to eliminate belly fat and tighten abs will found in this article and a range of general tips to help tighten abdominal and prevent the build-up of fat.

Exercises to lose belly fat and tone their muscles:

Belly fat accumulation can eliminate and the area tension flat. It is also a great exercise, the most important of which is the following:

Belly exercise:

It’s easy and straightforward to work out that helps tighten the six-way muscle, “i.e., the first layer of your abs” and is lying on the floor, lifting your abdomen with your hands up and repeating at least ten times each time. Repeat this one day more than once, and repeat it will work to carve out the waist, mist the belly fat and pull the area.

leg lowers :

Lying on a firm-level floor, start lifting legs 90 degrees knee joint and 90 degrees thigh joint, bring feet back to the floor with knees 90 degrees, and repeat with a good number each time until you get a good result and burn your belly fat.

roll up exercise :

Lying on the back on a firm, straight floor, legs entirely straight, arms over the head extend the other way as far as possible, start with a deep inhale, lift arms, and advance the body to the end of the back, keeping legs extended below their bend. This medium is in conjunction with exhaling halfway down to reach your toes, then inhale to reverse the movement in the same way, and so on, as you repeat several times.

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It is to put the hands on the floor and make the arms or hands parallel to the shoulders with the back straight and tight, then climb up and land with the hands-on. Some may struggle with this so hands can be resting on your knees to make it easier to drill, take a deep breath and regularly pull it out in line with your uphill and downhill run, keeping your back and tail muscles tight as you work out and repeat it several times per day for a great result.

Hip lift :

Lying on the floor, arms set aside, starting with the pelvis up, knees bent up 90 degrees, synchronized with a deep inhale as you lift, abs engaged, and the belly up, then back to the first position, exhaling the exhale and bringing the pelvis back to the floor. And repeat at least ten times each time.

Straight leg raising :

This is done by lying on a firm straight floor and extending the legs entirely to the maximum without being bent, placing the hands under the back, or fouling them on the chest. Then, starting to lift legs gradually without bending to a right angle with the rest of the body, taking an “inhaled” deep breath and then returning opposite of legs toward the ground as you exhale, making sure you don’t touch the feet, but 10 cm away, your legs will repeat at least ten times Upward each time and so on to lose belly fat.

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General tips for losing belly fat:

The following points illustrate some tips for burning belly fat:
  • Ensure breakfast is taken on time and not neglected, as eating it keeps insulin, reduces cholesterol, and reduces the amount of lunch that is often very rich.
  • The most extensive eating of fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables helps prevent belly fat accumulation and improve digestion and fat burning.
  • Drink more water to detoxify the body, reduce the amount of food handled, and improve metabolism and body metabolism.
  • Take more vegetables and fruits because they have fiber content that helps regulate blood sugar levels, where belly fat increases the risk of insulin resistance, diabetes, and healthy fruits and vegetables are a substitute for simple carbohydrates.
  • Avoid eating overnight just before sleeping, which is the biggest reason for increasing the abdomen and fat accumulation.
  • Other tips like walking to the daily routine, wearing in mind, and slowly eating to avoid overtaking.

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