The dangers and prevention of the Coronavirus

The dangers and prevention of the Corona virus

To ensure the safety and health of all families and to avoid the spread of the Cuvid-19 virus, we urge all families and persons to take the necessary precautions and precautions and to abide by the instructions issued by the responsible authorities. It also stop spreading rumors and misinformation, abandoning the culture of cynicism and mocking the epidemic, and reducing the rush to accumulate food the prevalence of the epidemic, which is spreading at a very record pace, is very high.

I think that among those who are on the market there will be a certain situation and one that will transmit this virus to another number of arrivals and thus contribute to creating more space for the spread of the epidemic without feeling as we need to stay away from crowded places and not to retreat strongly because the situation is very dangerous We have to move away from our selfless and take responsibility from the site where we are located so that we can all work to reduce the phenomenon of proliferation. Our awareness has contributed to improving the situation, our humanity, and self-love, and our ignorance may move the situation from danger to more dangerous That is.

Because in Italy he made a big mistake, they said it was just a normal disease and he was reduced to it, but now the intensive care system has collapsed, where the country is now living in an emergency state.

Tips for avoiding infection:

  • Wash hands 30 seconds with soap and water.
  • Stay at home and don’t go out except for the utmost necessity.
  • If you go out don’t shake hands and don’t touch your face completely.
  • Leave the phone in your pocket to leave the virus in it even though your hands are washed.
  • Leave a safe distance between you and people.
  • Use a tissue when you sneeze and then immediately release it.
  • When you enter, avoid touching the door with your hand until you wash your hands and if the place is infertility.
  • Do not gather when shopping is more dangerous for you… Products are available and the state has said they are not reckless as if you have never tasted food before.
  • Think about your parents well and don’t be me.
Finally, we call on everyone not to make the virus smaller and to take into consideration the issue and to commit to prevention methods, because it is not just a normal virus, but it is a very serious matter because your lack of time will expose you and the people around you to danger, as all public and private institutions are preparing to repel their doors. The airports are preparing to suspend their flights to and from, schools and universities are doing the distance-teaching system, and all people live in their lives for fear of suffering the disease of the corona.

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