The most famous fallacies and lies in bodybuilding



Most people who practice bodywork may hear many rumors and words in the gym, and also on the Internet about things to do and other things to do not do, causing injuries, lack of muscle growth, and several other rumors.

In this article, we have been very kind to you, the most prominent rumors circulating in Sports bodybuilding are unhealthy.


There are several false rumors in the sport of bodybuilders and believed by several people, although they are wrong and baseless. In this article, I brought to you the most prominent of which are mistakes.


The failure to take carbohydrates for long periods and leave them (rice, potatoes, potatoes, pasta, oats) will decrease the weight, and the fact that the interruption will destroy the burn but reduce it is required and not cut at all.


Drinking too much water causes the spraying to protrude the fact is that water is a critical element in increasing the rate of burning the body’s fat during the diet, improving its efficiency and improving its internal organs and keeping its temperature, especially with the lemons. Water has no relation to the emergence of the catch.


Weight loss in the winter season is difficult due to a little burn than summer, and vice versa, as the body in winter burn more to keep the body warm, causing more burns than summer.


Not to eat and eat small amounts of food, and you will lose weight quickly. The fact that eating too low quantities of food will expose you to sagging, stress, pallor, and weakness in energy because the body derives strength from eating, which causes significant damage to your body instead of losing weight.


If your height is 1.60 meters, your ideal weight is 60 kilograms; the fact is that physical composition, body shape, bone ratio, muscles, and fat make your weight perfect or not because the ideal weight is not so much fat.


Your age has a significant effect on burning your body’s blood and the fact that it does not affect this degree, some people are old, still practicing its sports, and start at an early age with whom it did not differ.


Diphtheritic supplements cause infertility and cancer and damage the liver, kidneys, and translations. The original guaranteed accessories are just like eating with the noses, have no side effects if they are well used and not over-used, but on the contrary, are the most purity and utility.


Bar fix helps increase length, and the practice of legs stops growth, does not increase your height, and considers myths false and baseless because bar fix focuses on your dowel, shoulder, and arm muscles, it has no effect on length at all. Leg exercises provide you with testosterone, growth hormone, and hormones that help you grow and not vice versa.


There are also other rumors that there is a sachem dedicated to the whole body and the fact that the body digs the food and distributes it in moderation overall body areas.

General tips for bodybuilding:

  • For beginners, we prefer to avoid eating any supplements for a minimum of 3 months to make the body build itself and not rely from the beginning on these supplements and to rely entirely on natural foods rich in pros, carbohydrates, and vitamins.
  • Psychological well-being, adequate healthy food, healthy and sleeping at least 8 hours a day constitute more than 60% of the muscular construction.
  • Drinking water and juices intensively during training may result in inactivity, swelling of the abdomen, or intestinal infection, and it is preferable to drink occasional spraying sprains.
  • Eating supplements during exercise, especially proteins, are not recommended because the body will convert the elements that make them useful for burning energy during training.
  • The company is very positive and gives the workout more energy and enthusiasm.
  • We are organizing the inhalation and exhaling process while lifting and leaving weights very important. The focus gives the flexing muscle much more power and benefit than fast play and full attention to the bar holding positions.
  • Avoid high-effort muscle or physical effort on an empty stomach and take at least three full meals before training is essential to make your training system a success.
  • The most crucial body muscles are the stomach muscles, which is the apparent function of the body’s esthetic and consistency and keeps it performing.

This is one of the most common rumors in the field of the perfection of the objects, which should not believe because it is groundless and nothing that people say should last considered, so you have no experience and speak of these things Calm the field so that they do not grow later.

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