Tips for healthy muscle growth

Tips for healthy muscle growth

Tips for healthy muscle growth 

When bodybuilders talk about increasing muscle mass, they seek to increase muscle volume in their bodies without getting fat at the same time, this can be a challenge because the body tends to either add or break mass. Depending on whether your calorie intake is more than burned, your body stores excess calories not as a muscle but as a dhow.
In this article, we will give you the most prominent ways to increase muscle size.


Focus on free weights and stay as far away from machines as possible because free time depends on yourself 100% not like machines as they set you the path and you only pay.
For rapid muscle growth, you should focus as much as possible on free weights.


Focus on doing the exercise properly because the right method is more important than the weight of weights as the exercise is performed correctly and weight edited as possible the best 100 times of heavyweights and the wrong way.


One of the most important things is also to warm the muscle well before any exercise begins to avoid muscle-level injuries.


Eating at least two meals before exercise and it is required to be rich in carbohydrates and calories to provide energy for your body during exercise and after the first half-hour after exercise, it is recommended to eat a complete diet consisting of protein, carbohydrates, and beneficial fats, Vitamins such as bats, rice kernels, chicken, tuna, oats, dry fruits, and gourd, provided that you calculate the inbound calories your body needs, according to your need, if he wants to lose weight, here he is deducted from them, and if he wants to increase the weight here adds and many of them.


Iterations, where the least iteration sit sits, is 6 repeats because to exercise the muscle alone and tear its fibers you need at least 40 seconds in the workout with always performing properly.


Good sleep because during the period of sleep the muscle grows and for this the body must be given hours of sleep not less than 7 hours and not more than 11 hours to stimulate the body to reorganize energy and give the process of muscle recovery time necessary to restore the tissues and muscle fibers through what you ate and enhance the endurance of the body wen Mo muscles because sleep is important in muscle growth.


Double protein doses where 20 to 30 g protein per serving is normal, but if you want to increase protein intake, you should focus on taking protein three times as much as normal, but if protein intake about 1 gram per pound of bodyweight, There is no need to double the protein dose, but like calories, it requires more to be fed by the body to be reached.
You have 3 things to focus too much for muscle growth which is eating in the first place and the exercises you exercise and sleep well so muscle growth is guaranteed since it has not grown so see these three.

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