Ways to stay agile at home

Ways to stay agile at home

Ways to stay agile at home

The days we are going through is undoubtedly very difficult because of the spread of a serious virus called COVID_19 that spreads rapidly all over the world, as thousands of people have died and the number of infections is rising daily, which has made global health organizations take action to curb the epidemic The most prominent of which is the curfew and ordering people to stay at home, forcing people to stop all their sports activities, which will cause them the problem of the increase in weight and the increase of unhealthy fat, but if you follow the advice we will give you in this article, you will not fall into this problem and will keep your body lean Back to normal.

healthy diet:

In the light of the circumstances we live because of the Coronavirus and our obligatory stay at home and to keep our body away, we must first organize the food we eat, as we should avoid eating quantities of the campsite because it contains a high percentage of fat and a schedule of mealtimes. He is a regular, away from late-night dining as well as drinking about 2 liters of water every day, and to avoid stomach pains by drinking a glass of water every hour.

Do workouts at home:


Bring your back down to a wall, stand with your hips wide apart with your toes facing or slightly tilted out, bend your knees slowly and lower your hips down, keeping your torso straight and abs tight, make sure everything is oriented in the same direction. Repeat this 30 times a day, divided into three non-consecutive sections a week as shown in the figure, this workout helps keep your lower body silly.


Stretch on your belly to balance yourself on your toes and hands, make sure your hands are clear of your arms and your body, head and legs are on a single line, we recommend that you don’t lower your body in the middle and don’t lift it too high, slowly arms down, and be sure to stop when your elbow is 90 degrees. Lift your body, remember that you can vary this movement between slope, drop, drift or even height by one hand, at least once a day, this movement is similar to squat by being able to engage most of your body’s muscles, moving your chest, arms, abs and triangular muscles.


Stand with one man forward and one man back, milling your knees, lowering into a lunge, keeping a 90-degree angle between your knees, make sure your heel is the one holding your weight, then slowly raise your back to come back and take a key position, we also remind you that you can move forward, back or side. It is preferable to do this movement twice or three times a week, returning it 12-16 times a day.

You should remember that because of the ordeal the world is experiencing because of the Coronavirus, the first and most important goal is to keep us safe, as any result, you get inside the house is positive because it is more important to keep your body silly and if a little to return to your original workouts.

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